You Are Not Alone

You Are Not Alone
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True Stories of Sexual Assault, Abuse, & Harassment From Around the World

In the wake of the #metoo movement, times are changing. Victims and survivors of sexual assault, abuse, and harassment are no longer staying quiet, but are raising their voices to stand up, speak out, and use their truth to bring these atrocities to light in the hopes of making lasting change.

This book has 56 stories from women and men who were willing to come forward and donate their experiences in order to break their silence, start healing, and help others. The stories come from contributors as young as 14 years old to as old as 72.

They are stories of survival. They are stories of the depths to which some people go, uncaring of how they affect others or whom they hurt. They are stories of predators and victims.

These are victims who are no longer willing to bear their experiences in silence.

It is time to see the writers of these stories as more than victims, but as who they really are: Survivors. Advocates. Mothers. Daughters. Sons. Friends.

“In a world haunted by aggression, violence, and betrayal, ‘You Are Not Alone’ serves as a campfire around which we can gather, united in our commitment to alter the trajectory of sexual violence and reclaim the dignity of our lives. It illuminates the resilience of the human beings who've lived through the trauma of sexual violence and inspires all of us to become more evolved and compassionate in our intimate connections.” -- Dr. Paul L. Hokemeyer, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, New York, NY


Jyssica Schwartz is a thirty-something writer, editor, and book coach living in Brooklyn, New York with her husband and a very fluffy cat. She has 10 years of corporate sales and business development experience before she quit her job in early 2017 to pursue being a full-time writer. Building and refining her business has been a challenge and a joy. Jyssica is often found curled up with a cat and a book, posting pictures of food and cats on Instagram, pithy notes on Twitter, or discussing random thoughts on her Medium blog when she probably should be working. She holds a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Florida and has always been a writer, even before she was getting paid. Jyssica loves music, traveling, rollercoasters, the Yankees, and the Offspring. Check out her website at, blog at, and join her mailing list for rare notes on writer-y things.

by Jyssica Schwartz
Trade Paperback - 9 x 6 x .5
188 Pages
HEALTH & FITNESS / Women's Health
FAMILY & RELATIONSHIPS / Abuse / Domestic Partner Abuse
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