Company Overview: 

Sunbury Press, Inc., headquartered in Mechanicsburg, PA is a publisher of hard cover, trade paperback, and digital books featuring established and emerging authors in many fiction and non-fiction categories. Sunbury's books are sold through leading booksellers worldwide.

Our Mission:

"Continue the Enlightenment". During the 18th century, a societal shift occurred based on the core values of a strong belief in rationality and science and the critical questioning of traditional institutions, customs, and morals. Out of this era came the Declaration of Independence, the American Revolution, the US Constitution and Bill of Rights, and the French Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen. This "Age of Reason" has shaped our Western tradition and continues to resonate to this day throughout the globe. At Sunbury Press, we champion these core values and support authors who challenge "the establishment", regardless of their socio-economic status or nationality. 

We help authors who help themselves". In this age of rapid technological change; of eBooks and self-publishing, some have declared publishers will go the way of the brick and mortar chain stores. At Sunbury Press, we know better than that. All authors love the creative process and want to be successful writers, but most authors do not enjoy or have the knowledge and or skills to make a successful product from their precious work - to edit, design, format, distribute, market, account, protect, sell - to handle the business side of the equation. At Sunbury Press, we partner with our authors, doing for each other what we each do best.

Company History:

Founded in 2004 by Lawrence Knorr, the company is named after Sunbury, PA - a Susquehanna River town very close to the Mahantongo & Lykens Valleys. The company's first books were genealogical titles related to these areas and the Pennsylvania German communities that thrived nearby.  

Sunbury Press publishes between 50 and 70 manuscripts per year, selected from the 1,000+ received through our submission site. As a traditional publisher, we do not charge our authors for services.  We only publish what we believe we can sell and pay our authors royalties on par or better than prevailing market rates.

Our Owners:

Lawrence Knorr has been involved with book publishing for fifteen years. He holds an MBA from Penn State University, and is a Project Management Professional (PMP). Lawrence's 32 year career in information technology, as a programmer, analyst, project manager, CEO and Chief Information Officer has prepared him well for the "Age of Content" - the new era of eBooks, data integration, eCommerce and networks. Lawrence has taught business and project management courses for fifteen years, and is the author or coauthor of eleven books. He is also an award-winning digital artist.

Tammi Knorr is an award-winning photographer, recently retired from a 24 year IT consulting career. She is very adept at marketing, organization, project management, and accounting.

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